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Some Custom Dictionary Questions

Question asked by alexis_gehrt on Oct 10, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2016 by alexis_gehrt

I have a customer who would like to use the custom dictionary more extensively, but I'm afraid this feature has not evolved in all the years.


My personal test with a plain text file import ends at about 45K.

I guess there is no solution to this limit?


Furthermore the customer would like to deploy a centralized custom dictionary on a server. Has anyone experience with such installations.. i.e. Custom Dict residing on a share S:\.... ?


I know this is not out of the FMP Intallation manual. Maybe someone picks up on these ideas...


I saw a post in the ideas section suggesting to base the customer dictionary on a table. Maybe a $$FMIncReserved_CustomDictionaryWords would be faster...