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    Related records


      Hello there,


      I have two tables TAB1 and TAB2. Each record in TAB1 has 3 related records in TAB2. Moreover, there is a field in TAB2 called FLD2. I want to print the field FLD2 in all related records in one rows in a list view report as follows:


      recno   FLD2  FLD2  FLD2

      1  20  30  74

      2  90  43  87

      3  60  55  34




      where: recno is a filed in TAB1 , FLD2s are the required fields from the related records to print.



      I would be greatly appreciated it if someone help me to do this.



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          On your TAB1 layout, add a 1 row portal to TAB2. Put your Tab2::FLD2 field in the portal row. Then make two more copies of this one row portal. Open portal set up for each of these additional portals and set the initial row to 2 and 3 respectively. Arrange the one row portals in a row on your layout. (You can use appearance setting to hide the portal borders to make these look like regular fields in your DB.

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            Dear Philmodjunk ,

            You are an angel !!!

            Thanks a lot.