In find mode; Data search is disabled for pop-up menu

Discussion created by bisher on Oct 10, 2016
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Dear forum,

This is my first post on this forum as I'm starting to work my way through FileMaker.

I’m creating a database for heritage sites in the Middle East. Each entry (Site or monument) is defined by type (Ex; Ancient human settlements, Religious buildings, Ancient military posts, etc), and depending on the type selection, I have another list that defines the category of this location. For example, when I select Religious building in Type, the category list will be to choose from (Mosques, Churches, Synagogues etc..)

On the main dataset, both Type and category are related and indexed as numbers with “show values (text) from the second field” and control styled as a pop-up menu.


The problem I have is in find mode; the little magnifying glass icon disappears in these two sections, and eventually I can’t conduct a search based on either one. The message I get is “No records match this find criteria”. Quick find works.

In the field entry section; both browse and find modes are checked.

In layout setup; the enable quick find is checked also. (Reset quick find is unclickable!)


The situation changes when I switch the control style to a drop-down list. I get the magnifying glass back again but the values there will be pk numbers only which is not great.


What I need is to make both sections searchable as a pop-up menu.

Is there a way around this problem? Did I miss something along the way?

I'm using FileMaker 15 advanced pro on windows

Appreciate your thoughts.