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    Backup Runtime Solutions


      Is there any plugins or a way that you can build into your solution an offsite backup feature ?

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          Save a Copy will work to produce the back up copy and send mail might email the file to a given location.


          If your offsite location can be made available as a shared directory, Save a copy could save the back up copy to the shared directory.


          And I imagine that Insert from URL could be used to do an FTP upload of that saved copy to upload it to a specified location.


          It's been a while since I've played around with run times, so I may have suggested something that relies on a feature that Run Times can't do, but notice that none of these options require a plug in to accomplish.

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            I've used the (free) BaseElements plugin previously to create a backup routine that uses the Save A Copy script step, then zips up the file/s into a compressed .zip that is stored in a location that the user selects. You could also then FTP that .zip file to a server that you have access to.

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              What if i want to send the backup to a google drive or a dropbox location ? Is that possible ?

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                As long as you can come up with a valid file path to that location, yes. For drop box, at least, this just becomes another folder into which you can save that copy. The main catch is that the filepath to drop box can vary from computer to computer.