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    OS X Dock Question


      FMP doesn't seem to use the dock properly. Most, if not all, applications that are open on the dock show, when right clicked, a list of open windows. That list eases moving between files very easy. FMP does not show open window. We use FMP for most of our work and sometimes I can have 6 or 7 different files open at a time. Right clicking does give the "show all windows" option and that works perfectly.


      Do I have some setting wrong? It is a problem I have had with FMP since version 10.


      I am using FMP with MacOS Sierra 10.12


      Thanks for any answers or comments.

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          No settings issue. I am guessing FM doesn't handle windows in a standard way. I don't have Sierra, but I recall that the OS command that shows all windows of an application, does work with FM. I am referring to the various options in the desktop/spaces preferences. You can also use trackpad gestures to invoke the various options.


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            "FMP doesn't seem to use the dock properly" coupled with "It is a problem I have had with FMP since version 10" turns a simple observation into a criticism. Why do we humans do that? Yes, it is different from some other programs, but does that mean it is "not proper"? For the record, Adobe software exhibits exactly the same Dock behaviour as FM; so does Calculator; so does App Store …

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              One alternative for what you want is the Window menu at top of screen if the FileMaker solutions use the Standard FileMaker Menus. If the solutions have Custom Menus you can create a script and add it to a Custom Menu to achieve the same thing too.

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                You're right.


                I should not have used the word "properly." I did not mean to criticize anything or anybody. As I said, I am a long time user so it is clear that I admire the software.

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                  i use Hyperdock: https://bahoom.com/hyperdock

                  It shows all FileMaker Windows