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Time to Update 7,700 Records

Question asked by Razor on Oct 11, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2016 by Razor

As the scope of my project changed I recently added a field to one of my tables to record a vendor ID. Since it is a new field and there is only one vendor using the project I wrote a simple script like so;



GTR First




If IsEmpty(PackagedItem::Vendor_ID)  // I know I don't need this check but I got in the habit of using it just in case I ever made a mistake selecting a field, etc.

SF [PackagedItem::Vendor_ID]; "the vendor ID"

End If


GTR Next


End Loop


This file exists on a remote server hosted at a reputable location. My table has ~ 7,700 records and it took 36 minutes to run. To me that seems like a lot of time for something relatively simple. Is that normal time for FileMaker?