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    DIGFM: How Brittle is Your Database? (11/10/2016; Santa Clara, CA)



      November DIGFM Meeting

      How Brittle Is Your Database?


      Are there hidden "time bombs" in your solution that will require your efforts to fix when either user or developer initiated changes cause your solution to break instead of "bend"?


      This talk looks at examples of brittle features commonly found in FileMaker solutions and discusses both the "mind set" that can lead to including such potential problems as well as techniques for building flexibility into your system.


      Examples will range from "beginner" to "high intermediate".


      PhilCaulkins.jpgAbout the Speaker

      Developer and Technical Writer since FMP 2.5.

      Formerly Editor in Chief: Inside FileMaker Pro

      Formerly Community Leader in the FileMaker Support Forums

      Creator of the "Adventures in FileMaking" series of example FileMaker files

      Known in the community as PhilModJunk

      Currently employed as an in-house developer for Innovative Education Management, a not for profit company that manages public charter home schools.


      Date & Time

      Thursday, November 10th
      6:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.


      FileMaker Auditorium
      5201 Patrick Henry Dr.
      Santa Clara, CA 95054


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