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Script to find incomplete minutes and duplicate them for the next meeting

Question asked by LoriE on Oct 12, 2016
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I have a script that finds related records that are incomplete. Now what I want to do is duplicate them and have the original found set to remain the same. and the new set to have the "Business" field changed to  "Previous Business" . I would also want the Meeting # to be change to the next consecutive number.  So I guess my question is ... would I need to create an "if" the record is incomplete "then" duplicate it and change the contents of field "Business" from New Business to Previous business.   Would I need to include all of these steps within the loop?


My script is currently:


Go to Related Record (from Minutes Table using the layout Minutes Log)

Go to record first


Perfom find (find incomplete)

Go to record next;exit after last

End Loop