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Calculation or Script to create number in field for Minutes of the Meetings Database

Question asked by LoriE on Oct 13, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2016 by LoriE

What I want is to create a calculation or script (not sure which would be the best way) that will result in a number that is a combination of two fields (ie: 1.01) in the item# field. The 1 would be from the meeting # field and the .01 would be from the minute # field  This meeting # field is on my minutes data entry layout(minutes table) but the field is from the meetings detail table.


So each new minutes would be a combination of the meeting # and the individual minutes number


Project #5    Meeting #1    Minute number .01    So the item # would be 1.01(meeting 1 item .01)

Project #5    Meeting #1    Minute number .02                                          1.02(meeting 1 item .02)


Project #8    Meeting #1     Minute number .01                                         1.01(meeting 1 item .01)  this is a different project#

Project # 8   Meeting # 2     Minute number .01                                         2.01(meeting 2 item .01)


This way when I create a new meeting and bring in the incomplete minutes from the previous meeting, the item number will always reflect what meeting that particular minute originated from.


Also, maybe the meeting number should be a field in the minutes table that looks up the meeting number from the meetings table??? Not sure if the location of this field will affect the calculation or script.