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copy value only from a calculation field

Question asked by LoriE on Oct 13, 2016
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I am working on a Meetings database with tables: MeetingDetails, Minutes, Actions


I have a field that calculates the item number which is a combination of Meeting# and minute#. Works great. The problem I am having is when I create a new meeting site, go find the incomplete minutes, duplicate them and add them to the new meeting.... I want the item# that was calculated to remain the same. But as I have it now the item number changes when I change the meeting number.


The item Field is set up as a calculation field and the calculation is simply (MeetingDetails::Meeting#) + ( Minute#) and minute number is from the minutes table.


Is it possible to set the calculated value in my script before it changes the meeting number. that way the item number would be set as a value.




Minute# .01

=   Item# 1.01  New business


Then when:



Minute .01 from meeting# 1

=    Item# 1.01   Previous business ( I want the item number from meeting# 1 to remain the same through all subsequent meeting until it is no longer incomplete.


Any ideas?