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    Are they correct IP settings?


      I am investigating slowness issue on WebDirect and seeing my FMS14 admin console status page shows the following ip addresses:


      FMS 14: 10.1.5.xx

      Web Server: hostname.com.sg.ads



      I have a single machine deployment on Windows and if I can recall, the web server IP was same as the FMS IP which is 10.1.5.xx.

      I am not sure when it was changed to hostname.com.sg.ads and whether it is the cause of the slowness.

      My network guy said that it is okay as the IP is in Windows host file which will direct the router to 'look internally'


      Is your FMS and Web Server IP the same?

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          I found FMS14 to be very unreliable with its web server information.  Often it would tell me it was turned off when it was running fine.


          Is the 'sample' file that comes with server loading quickly?

          Test webdirect directly on the FileMaker server then test webdirect with another computer on the local network to see if there is a network issue.

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            Hi CarlSchwarz, in fact my slowness in WD refer to the notorious 'wheel of doom' that is reported by many users in this forum, but there is still no solution to date.


            On my case, the wheel appears after fire WD up from idle (in 1 or 2 minutes). Similar to the case reported here - FMS15 slow/disconnects too quickly for Web Direct users. My FMS14 on Win7 taking a long time to refresh on file simpler than the sample.


            I am just exploring every possible ways to solve the issue and perhaps updating the Web Server IP to internal ip works quicker than the domain name.