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Webd and popovers

Question asked by jlm on Oct 14, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2016 by user19752

Hi all,


I'm writing a solution from scratch using filemaker 14.


It will be used by 25 simultaneous webd users uploading jpg files (up to 50 per user, max 256k per file) and 10 fmpro users generating pdf files and importing them to the database.


1. Regarding the webd users, what is the best approach, 20 popovers in the same layout or 20 different layouts? The content inside a popover is loaded when entering its layout or just when the popover is opened?


2. For the upload of the pictures I created a global container and through a field script trigger I check both name and size and if it's ok ,I "set field" to the external container. Is this the best approach?


3. I have a 32GB server running Windows Server 2012. Shall I create a VM and deploy a dual machine? If so, is the best solution to put the master in the real server and the client in the VM (16GB + 16GB)?


4. Can I install windows 7 in the VM? (I know FM recommends windows 10 but it's cpu consuming.


5. How do webd users have access to the solution? If the master has an ip and the VM (client) has do webd users point to .33 and fmpro to .32?


I never installed a dual machine so I'm hoping your experience can point me in the right direction.