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    Printer Dymo 450 Turbo Problems


      So have been printing labels no problem.  I switched computers from windows 10 to 7 on a hosted file, and now It only prints every other label but its telling me it printed all the labels.  Any ideas?


      OS windows 10 and 7


      Using the internal layout for label 30256 in filemaker.

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          Might it have printed all labels, but used two labels to print each?


          If so, there could be a slight difference in printer drivers between the two OS versions resulting in the layout not perfectly fitting the "printable area" as defined in the printer driver.


          Check the layout while in layout mode.

          Use print set up to select your Dymo and also the correct page size/orientation options

          Then use View/page breaks to check the "fit" of your layout to the printable area. If even one pixel crosses the page break line, you'll get an extra blank page printed each time you print a label.

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            Yes i checked all of that a few days ago because that is what was happening before.  but if i have 2 records in my found set and print records being browsed i only get 1 label printed.  I also checked my layout on both OS to maker sure i am with in my page breaks.