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FMS 15 SSL installation problem

Question asked by mmagrath on Oct 13, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2017 by jameshea

After upgrading server OS to El Sierra (Mac ) and uninstalling Filemaker Server 14, Installation of Filemaker 15 has gone smoothly so far...

and then:

Installation of our Geostrust TrueBusinessID SSL is not working. The certificate, and other files have not changed (still where they should be and have not been modified)

Server name is the same as the qualified domain name.


As the certificate was initially created (while still on FMS 14) using fmsadmin certificate command, that is the method required to import the certificate into Filemaker Server (15). Unfortunately an error occurs as below



I have verified that the file referred to above server.Key.pem is not changed (same modification date) and permissions are correct (unchanged).


Any ideas on what could be incorrect?


- Michelle