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Evaluate Function

Question asked by twelvetens on Oct 14, 2016
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I've got a Calc field, which I want to be updated with the Host Timestamp every time some fields are modified. From the FMP15 Functions Reference, I read about the Evaluate function's ability to do this:


Evaluate(“Get(CurrentTimeStamp)”; [FieldB; FieldC])

will store a timestamp in the calculation field whenever FieldB or FieldC changes.


So I've set this up, listing all the fields that I want, and it all works great, the field is being updated with the Current Host Timestamp every time one of the specified fields is changed, but it also seems to be being evaluated every time a record is loaded, which I wasn't expecting. Is this expected behaviour?


Before you ask - Yes, there are script triggers on the layout that are triggered OnRecordLoad and OnLayoutExit, but neither of them touch any of the specified fields, and in any case I turned them off just to test and the issue persists.


Am I missing something here?


FMPAv15.0.1 / OSX 10.11.6