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Save as PDF windows

Question asked by sprosser on Oct 14, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2016 by Andy Hibbs

I upgraded a volume license client from v13 to v15 today. All is well except all scripts that use Save as PDF fail with the file can't be created on this volume error.


They're on Windows, it happens on every computer in the office and with every record. The processes save the PDF to the desktop, so I tried changing to the Documents folder, the FileMaker folder, and a brand new folder. They all have full read/write permission. The v13 process, which was working perfectly until the upgrade used Get (DocumentsPath). I pre-pended "filewin:" and that didn't work either. I can create PDFs manually, but something seems to be different in the way paths are handled.


There is a bug report for a similar issue on the Mac in 14, but that's reported as fixed in 15.


Has anybody seen this and know what's making my scripts go kablooey?