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FileMaker won't open and gives no error message

Question asked by ConnieGoss on Oct 14, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by ConnieGoss

I'm a casual user of FM Pro version 14. I just have a couple of small, local databases. Recently, FM stopped working. There is no error message. I get as far as the Launch Center, but when I choose the file I want,  Launch center closes and nothing else happens; I'm just staring at an idle desktop. The FileMaker icon appears normally on the task bar, but the application doesn't seem to launch. Toggling the taskbar icon has no effect except to highlight/de-highlight the icon. Task Manager says FM is running. It's as though it loaded but has been shoved off the screen entirely.


A few days ago we had some trouble with Windows losing our product key and telling us that our software was not genuine. Our IT guy found the problem and fixed it. About the same time my MS Office started telling me my product key was not activated, for reasons we have not figured out yet. It was right after these things happened that the FM problem started. I have no idea if they are related, but the timing is suspicious.


Any ideas? Thanks in advance.