Style Inheritance Bug: 2nd Generation styles have too many properties - due to error in CSS font-family (incorrect semicolon) - in SOME Themes

Discussion created by mrwatson-gbs on Oct 14, 2016
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If you save a new style based off of Default, it correctly contains ONLY the properties you have changed.


However, if you create another style based off of a style you have already created, it contains too many properties and thus does not correctly inherit properties from default.


This occurs with theme Enlightened, and others - but NOT with Minimalist Theme.


Tested with fm15.0.2 on Mac (El Cap), but extremely probably in all platforms + versions since themes exist.


This, I think, is the reason:

Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 08.14.08.png


How to recreate


See attached file, or:


  1. Create a layout with theme Enlightened
  2. Add Text object "Default" to layout
  3. Duplicate the text object and rename it to "Generation 1"
  4. Change the font-size to 48 pt
  5. Save this as a new style "Generation 1"
  6. Duplicate this object and rename it to "Generation 2"
  7. Save this as a new style "Generation 2"
  8. Now click the "Default" text and change the font to "Courier New"
  9. Save the changes to the Default style


Expected Results


I expect BOTH Generation 1 and Generation 2 to be displayed in "Courier New" (because I have defined the font in neither)


Actual Results


Generation 1 inherits the font-change from Default and is displayed in Courier

Generation 2, however, does NOT change and retains the old default font.


WHY does this occur?


There is a rogue semicolon (actually ";sans-serif") in the CSS font-family property of the default style.


Please see the attached file which is full of details.


Importance of this bug



  • It breaks the one level cascadingness that we have in FM Themes!
  • In custom themes already created and containing this bug (e.g. our print layout theme) it is impossible to adjust the style sheet to use the customers CI font by tweaking the Default style.
  • It is bloating CSS-Stylesheets, spoiling performance in WAN and WebDirect
  • It is very confusing to developers &  another 'gotcha' in the themes and styles jungle.


Thanks for every improvement


MrWatson @ the FileMaker Conference 2016, Salzburg