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Creating New Record in a Portal Defined by a Global field

Question asked by ezeitgeist on Oct 15, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2016 by David Moyer

I created a series of portals where one lists Long-term Goals [One table] and the next one lists Key Steps of those Goals [Key Steps table]. I have it worked out with the below script on a button laid on each row so that when part of a Goals row is clicked, the Key Steps portal refreshes and shows all Key Steps under that specific Goal. [From this discussion: Hierarchy Portals in a Slider ] The Goals by UserID::Goals_ID and Key Steps by UserID::Goals_ID are linked in a relationship in the Table Occurrences.


Button Script:

Set Field [ Globals::gGoal ; Goals by UserID::Goals_ID ]

Refresh Portal [ Object Name: "KeyStepShow" ]


The Key Steps portal is filtered using:

Key Steps by UserID::Goals_ID = Globals::gGoal


This all works. HOWEVER, I want to be able to ADD new Key Steps to that Goal using the portal. When I try to do that, I believe because of the use of the Global, even though a new row in the Key Steps portal is created and I can fill it in, upon refresh, a new Key Step IS created, but under an EMPTY (AKA "new") Goal, instead of under the intended Goal.


Is there any way to make this work so the portal row creates a Key Step under the intended Goal?