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      Hello all.


      Here is the issue. I am hosting a solution on FM server 14 and there are images in each record. When using FileMaker on my desktop to work on the solution on the server, everything works as expected. I upload my images into a container field and al looks well.


      The images are stored as a reference in another folder.


      Here is te puzzling part. When I log into the solution via my Crome browser (WebDirect) to take a look around, the images are not there. See screen shot.


      What do you suggest I am doing wrong? I'm stuck.


      Please give me your suggestions.


      Thanks for your answers.



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          Thank you for your post!


          You may want to look into moving from references to Storing container field data externally. External Container Storage will allow you to keep the database file size low, but is more flexible with sharing, backups, and security.



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            Thanks for the quick reply.


            I do have the container field storing my images externally. I even logged into the server with FileMaker and deleted all of the images, then imported them again. They all show up fine. Then I go back to WebDirect and the images look like they should be there because the number of records match the hosted solution. however where the picture should be it tells me 'The file cannot be found: 10-3320_s.jpg'


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              The advice given in the WebDirect guide is very ambiguous:



                   "Container fields store and display pictures, sounds, movies, and files. Container data can be embedded inside the        solution itself or stored externally.


                   Note FileMaker WebDirect does not support container data that is linked by reference. Referenced container data          displays as a static icon and can’t be exported."


              Is "data that is linked by reference" the same thing as container data stored externally?


              If WebDirect does not support container data stored externally--that is, if images or other container files must be stored in the database, then I fear that performance will be greatly compromised and that WebDirect will not work for databases that contain images.

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                There are 2 things.

                Option for field "store externally", defined in field option. (All records have same setting)

                Option for inserting container data as "reference only", used everytime when inserting. (Every record can have different)

                The latter is not supported by WebD.

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