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Can you change which XSLT style sheet processor FileMaker uses when importing XML data?

Question asked by wpreid on Oct 15, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2016 by user19752

Good evening,


I am importing a large amount of scientific data (formatted as XML files) into a Filemaker Pro 15 solution.  I have written an XSL transform that converts the original XML data files to the required FMPXMLRESULT grammar for importing XML data into FileMaker.  I thoroughly tested my XSLT on my local MacBook Pro using the Oxygen XML editor and the Saxon-PE XSLT style sheet processor and got the values I expected in my solution  when I imported the transformed data into FileMaker.


However... When I automated the import process for my solution I decided to use the option built into the Import Records script step that automatically performs the transformation to FMPXMLRESULT if you provide a path to your XSLT file.  This appeared to work very well...  but upon closer inspection some of the transformations (particularly the ones where I convert values to different units - i.e. microvolts to volts) did not produce the correct results. 


After some research, I believe the issue relates to the XSLT style sheet processor that FileMaker uses by default.   I have read that FileMaker uses the Xalan XSLT style sheet processor which (among other issues) only supports XSLT version 1.0.  To see if this is causing my transformation issues, I decided to try using Xalan to transform some of my XML test data using Oxygen.  When I did, I received the very same errors in the transformed values.  But by comparison, when I use the Saxon-PE XSLT style sheet processor, as mentioned earlier, I get all the correct values I expected. 


So while I could perform the transformation myself (i.e. use the Saxon-PE XSLT style sheet processor to convert my source XML files into one big FMPXMLRESULT grammar XML file) I was really hoping to take advantage of this integrated transform step when importing XML data.


Since I believe that the problem lies with FileMaker's use of Xalan, my question is simple...  Can you change which XSLT style sheet processor FileMaker uses when importing XML data?