Tim Dietrich's EasyCalendar integration questions

Discussion created by j.a.marcus on Oct 15, 2016

I am trying to integrate Tim Dietrich's EasyCalendar into my solution and have run into a few snags.  While trying to troubleshoot it, I have noticed a few differences from the demo and my solution. 


I don't know that this actually is affecting the functionality, but one difference I noticed is that the icon indicators in layout mode don't all appear like they do on the demo even though I have the same buttons, conditions, scripts, parameters, etc. The screen shot attachments show the two samples.  Note the blue button and the red and blue diamond don't appear on one of the images.


Again, my guess is that the above question may not actually factor into my original issue, but just in case here are a few other differences.

1. My date is showing up in the format 10/15/2016 while his is showing up in the format October  2016.  The date is a $$global variable determined from identical scripts. This wouldn't be a problem except that it matters when viewing months other than the current month.


2. The borders of the date fields don't display properly. Attachement show example.


3. Lastly, changing months, there display of the Sunday and Monday columns are completely wacky, showing a 0? or Jan 01


If anyone is familiar with Tim's solution and is willing to respond, that would be awesome!