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    Date format




      I am having problems with the way the date is format (US format not AUST) in the Comments field


      The particular line in the script is the following


      "Printed Label and Posted order at " & Get (CurrentTime ) & " on "  & GetAsText (Get ( CurrentDate ))”


      and it sets the format to US


      Am I missing something


      Thanks in Advance



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          I'm not sure why the date is defaulting to US format, but you could handle it by using the Month(), Day(), and Year() functions to construct your own date:


          "Printed Label and Posted order at " & Get (CurrentTime ) & " on "  & Day ( Get ( CurrentDate ) & "/" & Month ( Get ( CurrentDate ) & "/" & Year ( Get ( CurrentDate ) )


          Maybe there's a setting somewhere that will make Get ( CurrentDate ) format the date the way you want, but my suggestion ensures that it will *always* be correctly formatted.

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            What you are encountering is normally a function of your computer's locality setting and what you have selected in File Options in the data entry section of the text tab.

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              Hi  Phil


              The File Options Text Tab is set to "Always Use current system Settings"


              All other date fields are working correctly - I would have thought it would have been correct _ FM Bug perhaps?





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                Thanks U17152


                I will use the workaround - Strange it is happening though





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                  There can be a difference here depending on the version--and possibly the version used to originally create the file. Sometimes there were issues getting the right formats in place a few versions ago as I recall...