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Edit existing Filepath / Edit existing Contract and Bid Templates

Question asked by musiccreative on Oct 16, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by musiccreative

I'm setting up a new database file from an existing, custom fp7 file. The existing file was used with File Maker Server, which I am not using. I'm currently using Filemaker Pro 11. I have admin / full privileges on the database file.


I've already made about 90% of the modifications needed, but I'm getting stumped on a few areas, which I'm guessing are all related.


1. The original file has contract and bid templates, which I need to edit. I can not find where to edit the original template information. I've found existing letter templates in the database, but those are generic letters to customers, etc. Not the actual contract or bid themselves.


2. The contract and bid templates also have an existing "file path" to save or print as a pdf. that needs to be edited. I can not find where to edit the file path. Do I need Filemaker Server to edit this file path (since the file was set up to be used on FMS), even though I'm not planning on using it?



I hope this makes sense.


Please advise.