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Using variables as a file path in Set Variable command

Question asked by embeco on Oct 16, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2016 by philmodjunk

FM 15 Advanced - I am storing my value lists in a separate file (Value Lists). Problem: I want to allow my user to edit the value lists much as the Value List Custom Values feature does. I can certainly do it with hard coded script and layouts, but I would like one layout and one script that can determine which field is asking for the edit, load the appropriate values from the Value List table, display them, let the user change it and replace the edited entries back into the Value List table.


I get very close (and why doesn't this screen allow a cut and paste of our FM scripts???). I can determine the active field and store the Value List file path in a variable but when I go to store the contents of the Value List field in a variable, the Set Variable command fails

     SET VARIABLE ($$ValueListContents; Value: $$ValueListTableFilePath)

The Value Lists table contains up to 25 fields each representing value lists from 25 different fields on the data entry screen. $$ValueListFilePath contains "Value Lists::Driveway Type Other" (value list entries for the entry field on the screen).


I'm sure that the script genies can solve this in a flash or I'm going to be coding into the night creating scripts for each of the 25 entries.