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Add record to a Portal not working in Filemaker Go 15

Question asked by wildwood28 on Oct 16, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by philmodjunk


I have a script that adds a new record to a works fine on Filemaker 15 on my PC, but won't work on Filemaker Go 15 on the ipad.


Strangely, it does still work perfectly with Filemaker Go 13.


Basically it works for the first entry and creates the new entry in the portal ready for data to be entered, but then when the script is run again, it locates the curser in the previously created record and overrides it.


However, it does create a new record which shows on the PC, and when you go out of the layout on the iPad and go back it, the new record then shows.


I checked the compatibility for IOS in the script workspace but nothing shows as being a problem.


So I am guessing there is a step that isn't compatible with the new doesn't know to go to the newly created record which should be showing in the Portal.


I have attached a copy of the script.


Hoping it is something easy to fix!