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Using PSoS to find a single record for processing locally

Question asked by RussW on Oct 16, 2016
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I've been reading all day and still cannot find anything I can understand to help me with this issue. Perhaps I shouldn't even be doing this and that would be a fair answer if any of you believe so.


I have a quickly growing table of transactions. I frequently need to retrieve just a single record or a group of records of a given date. Using the usual SHOW ALL / FIND and coming up with my found set, it is taking longer and longer over the WAN. So now I am trying to do this using PSoS.


I get the limitations of using the server for processing and also the contextual issues that what I find on the server isn't automatically replicated in my local layout of the same table. What I am finding is that my find requests are instant when done on the server which is great. But how to I get that single record or very small found set to my local machine for additional processing?


I have looked at just falling back to Portals, but they are not really appropriate for what I am doing. I have tried to return a list of record numbers using ListOf as a new field, but that's just giving me the RecordID which I can't use to actually go to a record. And I did a Save Record As Snapshot Link but I can't seem to save the file directly (I think the server is saving it to its Documents directory and not the one I can access after the script has ended) and then, when I email the saved file to myself and try to open it within the Filemaker solution, I can't. And leaving the solution to get my email isn't exactly an answer anyway. I was just seeing if I could open the FMPSL file from within my solution and get the found set. Nope.


So, what do people do? What am I missing?


As always, thanks in advance for any help.