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Invoice Report Problems - Listing fields from two related tables

Question asked by pdx_beagle on Oct 17, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by philmodjunk


I'm very new to Filemaker reporting, and I'm running into difficulty with what seems like a fairly simple issue.  I work in an industry that bills for time, and also bills for out-of-pocket expenses.  I have a table for Invoices, Timeslips, and Expenses.  When I run invoices, I create a link between each individual timeslip and expense associated with that invoice by way of foreign keys.  As a result, a single invoice can have many related timeslips and many related expenses.  Now I want to create an invoice layout that shows the clients all timeslips (with sub-summary) and expenses (with sub-summary), showing the grand total of these charges at the bottom.


I have started a layout based upon my invoices table.  However, I quickly run into issues of the report only showing the first related timeslip in the related table, as opposed to all timeslips associated with that invoice.  I expect the solution for show related expense items will be the same.  Any help in the way this should be formatted would be appreciated!