Trigger Preventing Auto-Enter From Firing

Discussion created by briancrockett on Oct 17, 2016
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I have a field (Radio Buttons) that is referenced in the auto-enter formula in another field in the same table. When the first field is modified the second field recalculates as it's supposed to.


I've added an "OnObjectModify" trigger to the first field that calls a script to commit the record so other users can see the change immediately.


The problem is, now the auto-enter field is not updating. If I turn off the trigger it starts to update again.


I've tried:

  1. Putting a 1 sec pause before the "commit" so there's time to update.
  2. Adding an "Exit Script" True
  3. Changed it from an "OnObjectModify" to "OnObjectSave"


The first two didn't do anything but changing to "OnObjectSave" did. It works with "OnObjectSave" but not "OnObjectModify".


This is kind of a weird, unexpected quirk, that makes me worry about the integrity of my data. How many other "Auto-Enter" fields do I have that are not updating properly?


Is there a reason why a specific type of trigger prevents an auto-enter from firing?