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Record Locking (Not the Security Kind)

Question asked by isamudysan on Oct 17, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by David Moyer

i have an issue that i would like to resolve as soon as possible.  for a single user, the solution i have works great.  however, with the file being hosted on FMS (FMS 15) with a multi-user setting, data entry is not working out too well at all.  with the multi-users, i'm getting a record locking error message.  here's my setup:

  • layout: list view
  • data entry fields (2 Text Fields and 2 PopOvers which are blacked out) are in the header (see pic below -- had to block out some words for NDA purposes)

Data entry Fields.png


  • i have a "save" and "cancel" button (below are the pics of the scripts -- i believe Bruce Robertson helped me with these scripts this past summer )
    • New Record (button was hidden after first record was created, but i removed it since it's no longer needed)

New Record Script.png


    • Save

Save Script.png

    • Commit Record

Commit Record Script.png

    • Cancel

Cancel Script.png

  • self-join relationship with "allow" creation of records (see pic below)



i believe this is a "magic key" setup, correct?  if not, then i'm definitely wrong in how i have set this  the record locking seems to appear when anyone of the users make an entry in the Serial Number field.


please advise and assist how i can improve this solution, and future ones.


thank you.