Fields Not Found or Swapping in Data Separation with Multiple Clients

Discussion created by multisonic52 on Oct 17, 2016
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Hi there:


I have a solution that uses the data separation model and it is deployed for two different clients.  Each client has their own data file on their own server, so I deploy the updated application file to them with each update. I take great care to ensure that both data files have identical fields with identical naming, but I'm noticing that some fields either can't be found when I switch the remote data source (they are always the same) in the application file. Additionally, some fields on layouts point to the incorrect field in the data file. This only happens with one of the data files, which is the one that I'm not basing the development off, but the field names and settings are identical.


Is there anything I can do to correct this problem and prevent it in the future? I'm guessing there is a UUID or something underneath each field that allows filemaker to ID fields even after they change names.  Does the order in which I create fields matter?


Thanks for any insight you can offer,