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How do you expose variable array components?

Question asked by primes2357 on Oct 17, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2016 by David Moyer

I'm stumped on how to expose the components of a variable array. For example:


1) If I create the following variable array:

$$test[1] = "abc"

$$test[2] = "def"

When I call the base variable $$test, FMP only shows the first value in the array. The data viewer only shows the same. What if I want to determine how many values are in my array? I can't seem to expose that information. Even ValueCount( $$test ) only returns a value of 1.


2) If I create the following variable array:

$$test["a"] = "123"

$$test["b"] = "456". When you call the base variable $$test, FMP displays nothing. Calling $$test["a"] will return the correct value that was stored. However, I see now way to expose the array as having two values, in repetitions "a" and "b".


Worst case, I could set the first repetition of the array as an index for the rest of it, but that seems kludgy. Can anyone shed additional light on a native FM method for exposing the contents of an existing array variable?