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Tagging photos over the photo with short 2 to 5 word descriptions like names in Facebook

Question asked by bryant on Oct 18, 2016
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I've been a past developer for FMP, but been out of the Filemaker development network for several years due to changes at my job.


I was recently asked about creating an on-line photo database where the customer wanted a user to upload photos and have a different person "tag" specific location on those photo with short two to five word descriptions.  As they described it, like adding names to photos of people on Facebook. 


I'm thinking FM would make the creation of the on-line database, permissions (there would need to be certain permission set-up where Group 1 could see Group 1's photos, Group 2 see Group 2's photos, etc, with an Admin being able to a access all the photos), user accounts, etc. very quick and easy; but I don't have a solution to them adding text description directly on / over the photos in FileMaker.


My Plan B ( if they go with FM or some other system ) was to just have a box below or to the side of the photos that would contain a text description, but that doesn't really accomplish what they are trying to do, which is specifically identify three to five different objects in a single photo with a very short text description. 


The database would need to be hosted and accessed in a variety of locations, most commonly viewed on a tablet via WiFi.  Data could be entered on a laptop, tablet or desktop via a web interface.


Is this possible to do in the current version of FM?  Is it easy?

If not, are there any known plug-in's that may work / help.


A am trying to avoid building a from scratch on-line database due to client budget and time limitations.  And I was also looking for an excuse to get back into the FM development arena.


I appreciate anyone's input.


Thanks :-)