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    Portal field space with autosizing


      Hey, I am creating a database for an office. I am facing a problem which is mentioned below. Two pics have been attached.


      I have my layouts set to minimum 1024 x 768. This way, I can view my product nicely in a small monitor as well as a larger monitor.


      In layout mode, I have a portal. That portal is auto sized to fit left and right from the anchor points. Once I enter browse mode, the portal resizes good. The issue is, I have a lot of fields to place in the portal. When in layout mode, since the screen size is small, the portal doesn't hold all the fields that I need.


      When I go into browse mode, the portal extends and there is a lot of space to have extra fields in there. I hope I explained it well.

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          You can achieve this to a limited degree using additional fields hidden behind the ones at left, which are set to slide to the right with the portal as it expands. Two methods are shown in the demo file attached. In the top portal, one of the hidden fields is anchored to the centre top and the other is anchored to the RHS. In the second portal the two hidden fields are grouped and then the group is anchored to the RHS.

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            Do you just want those extra fields to appear when the layout expands and disappear when the layout contracts?


            If so, enter layout mode and drag the right hand edge of the portal row across the edge of the layout border to make it large enough to add your fields. After adding your fields, drag the edge of the portal back.


            But I think that there's a bug that will keep the fields located to the right of the field border (in layout mode) from being editable when in browse mode. Please test and see if I am remembering correctly.

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              Keywords has the better suggestion here.

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                I will downloaded file once I get to my laptop and try this out. What do you mean by RHS? I'm sorry I'm a Filemaker newbie


                Also, to answer the question of Philmodjunk, I just want those fields to show in browse mode regardless of the size of the monitor.


                I guess now I'm thinking if the portal is full with fields, what will happen when the monitor is smaller?


                Is there a better technique to this?

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                  "What do you mean by RHS?" Nothing technical. RHS = right hand side.

                  "what will happen when the monitor is smaller?" You might have to scroll the screen to see everything, that's all. You initial approach is sensible—design for the smallest screen likely to use the database, and plan how to use the extra screen space when it is available.