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Auto Complete on second field - AGAIN!

Question asked by Flyfisher2611 on Oct 18, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2016 by philmodjunk

Firstly, I appologise for the following question, as I realise it has been asked many times before!


I am not a developer and I have no formal training with databases, I only know what I have learned myself using Lotus Approach, so I would ask you to keep it as simple as possible for me ........Please!


I am building a database for my Nursery (Plants). It is for keeping track of seed sowing/bought in plants etc. I have a table containing plant varieties and associated data, this table is called "Plant Details". The other table is to create a new sowing or delivery of a plant variety, this is called "Plant Scheduler" "Plant Details" is the parent and "Plant Scheduler" the child.


I have a "Plant ID" field I use to pull the information from the "Plant Detail" table into the "Plant Scheduler" table. As has been noted many times, auto complete is unable to work on the second field of the value list. This is a huge problem, as I have over 2000 plant varieties in my table, and need to populate over 2500 new records in my "Scheduler" table. A drop down list or Pop Up is simply too slow and renders my creation unworkable in its current form. (Even Lotus Approach had this capability!)


I did wonder if I could, somehow, use a conditional value list ie Type in 'Begonia' (with the aid of auto complete!) and in the variety field then select the appropriate variety ie 'Nonstop Deep Pink' (also with auto complete) That said, I am really not sure how this would pull the information across, or indeed, if it is possible!


If Not


How can I make my ID field auto complete with my Plant Name AND Variety!


Thank you for your time, and I really appreciate your efforts in keeping it simple!