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    Fields show in preview mode, but don't appear when saved as PDF




      Working on a file. When I preview my layout it looks great. I try saving to PDF and some columns fields appear but one does not. I'm scratching my head over this one. Strange thing, I have the same fields on other layouts in the same file that are unaffected.



      Here is what is created when "Save as PDF" is selected.

      Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 2.08.15 PM.png



      Here is what the preview looks like, and what I want the PDF to look like.

      Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 2.08.25 PM.png


      Here is what the layout mode looks likes.


      Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 2.08.35 PM.png




      Any ideas would be appreciated.