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Find - Optimaztion and understanding the inner workings of FMP

Question asked by RussW on Oct 18, 2016
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One of the authors of an FMP paper on Optimization said that learning FMP was a journey. Boy, was he right.


So, after reading a host of discussions and papers on optimization, I have found some seemingly contradictory statements. My chief concern at the moment is the FIND when used on a large table of many fields and many records. And there seems to be some confusion, probably only in my own head. Hence my reach-out here.


In one place it was described that a FIND on a complex table should be performed on server using PSoS. Easy enough but I have still not mastered the ability to return the Found Set to the client. As I researched how to do this, I read that I'd get the same efficiency by doing my find in a blank layout based on the table I am searching. The articles say that by searching on a blank table, no data is transferred over the WAN except for the found set of record IDs which is negligible data. If so, that seems like a lot less code than replicating a found set on the client, but I'm not sure I can use blank layouts effectively in iOS which doesn't support off-screen windows.


What do you pros that live and breathe this stuff recommend?