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    FileMaker Server 14 php api static value list bug


      Product and version: FileMaker Server 14

      OS and version: Ubuntu 14.04.5


      Description :
      When using the FileMaker Server php api function getValueList, if the Value list is a Custom value list containing an ampersand "&" what is returned by the function in the Array is not the correct value.  The ampersand causes the value to be parsed out differently.

      How to replicate:

      Create a value list "valueList" that contains the following value:

      "some text & some other text"

      Add that to an object on a  layout accessed by a php custom web publishing page, "layout".

      Within the php page that is connected to layout call the following:



      When traversing the result note that the corresponding value with the ampersand comes out as:

      "some text some text & some text & some other text"


      Create an unstored calculation that is equal too:

      ValueListItems(Get(filename); "valueList")


      and have the php page access that field instead of the value list.  Not ideal because it does not return an Array and it requires a query to a table.