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Where/how to deploy

Question asked by on Oct 18, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2016 by mikebeargie

Hi all - advise please.

I have written, with the help of a FM expert, a FM DB for a particular niche sector within the funeral industry targeting my clergy colleagues. I would like to take this to market as a product. The DB will be finished in about 2 weeks following testing. I would like to sell this via subscriptions to clients worldwide although I do not expect the take-up to be more than 100 purchasers (and it will take time to get to this figure) as the product is so specialised. Initially I thought of my FM DB being deployed via a run-time solution following my discussions with the FM sales team. I do not think this will work with subscriptions. I have heard about Cloud & Server but this is a bit over my head. I would like this run from a FM hosting organisation (none approached yet) but I do not know the best solution. I do not want the purchaser to buy the FM application and my ideal is to have the monthly subscription as their total outlay.

I would like to keep the monthly cost of the product as low as possible but I have seen some seriously expensive options banded about the web of some £20+ per user.

Can anyone offer guidance as to how a micro business can take an FM DB to market which would be accessible on both Mac, PC and tablets.

Thank you in advance and if I have missed anything out then please ask away.