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    How to calculate a conditional "serial number" for different categories


      Hello everybody.


      I am new to FileMaker and kind of stuck with a particular problem that according to my understandings of FileMaker should not be too hard to solve…

      I am creating a research database that contains 3 different patient populations, population 1-3 (additional ones might be added later).

      When creating a new record, I have a field with a pop-up menu where you can select population 1-3. Then I want to make a field (I assume it should be a calculation field) which automatically assigns a continuous number to each new patient that is added to the specific population. For example, if there are already 15 patients in population 2 the field should automatically show 016 for the next entry.

      Here an example:

      Populations:    1          Contains already 10 patients             

                              2          Contains already 15 patients

                              3          Contains 0 patients

      When making a new record there is a field to select the population (pop-up menu).

      Then the next field should automatically come up with the next patient number for the population: 011 for population 1; 016 for population 2 and 001 for population 3.


      I am using FileMaker 15.


      Any help would be appreciated very much!