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    Unable to update to 15.0.2


      Product and version: Filemaker 15.0.1

      OS and version: Mac 10.11.6 (German)

      Browser and version: na

      Hardware: Mac Mini 2.4 GHz Intel Core Duo, 8 GB


      Description: When I click on check for updates (in German 'Auf updates prüfen...") nothing happens. So I can't update to 15.0.2 on this specific computer. Had no problems with several other computers (same OS). Compared to the other computers, the only difference I can think of, is that on this computer Java 7 Update 80 is installed.


      How to replicate: ?

      Workaround: none

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          Thank you for your post.


          In FileMaker Pro, pull down the FileMaker Pro menu and select Preferences...


          Under the General tab (first tab), at the bottom under Application section, check the box "Notify me when an update is available."  This will then notify you the next time you log into FileMaker Pro, or you can now access the Help menu and select "Check for Updates...".



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            You can run Console.app and see if it shows messages about updating.




            Sie können das Programm Konsole.app laufen lassen.

            Dann Update in FileMaker und schauen, ob da eine Fehlermeldung kommt.

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              Problem solved.


              It seems under preferences "Notify me when an update is available." has to be active. Even if I want to update manually by selecting "Check for Updates...". After changing the preferences and a restart I could update manually.