Filemaker not responding OSX El Capitan

Discussion created by reproflex on Oct 19, 2016
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I have some problems with filemaker, or i think i have.


I our company we have upgraded our old Imac's to the new 5K imac's.


The old Mac's was running Yosemite

The new mac's is running El Capitan


We have filemaker open alle the time, because we use it a lot.


The problem is that about once a day the mac starts to not respond and then the "turning wheel" comes on.

when i check what programs is not responding filemaker is often one of the programs.


Then all programs is not responding and i need to force close the imac on the power button.


It seems that maybe filemaker is "closing connection" to the server and stops responding.


There are no pattern on when it does it, but it happens on several macs.


I have tried to update the klient software to version

Our server is a Windows server running Filemaker 13!


Any ideas if it is filemkaer making the issue or if it might help if we update our server to version 15.?


Thanks in advance.