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    Importing EZ Select to Filemaker


      So we recently purchased the full version of the 2017 Wisconsin Manufacturers Register and with it came a subscription for a website to access the information online. Anyways, importing the information from EZ Select to Filemaker is pretty straight forward, downloaded the file as an Excel spreadsheet and clicked the import button on Filmmaker (if it is of any help at all, we are running FM Starting Point 4.6.7).


      The problem comes not when importing the accounts, but the contacts that come with the accounts. Each account is accompanied with 1-10 contacts (Executive 1, Executive 2... etc.). The accounts fields and contact fields are listed under two different tables, and I am stumped about how to approach this situation.


      I have very minimal experience with Filemaker, we purchased the software last month and I am only in the office to work on it once or twice a week as school takes up the rest of the time and I appreciate any help that may come my way.

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          You need to describe how this data appears in the Excel file. Basic options are to either make multiple imports, one to each table, or to import into a 'staging table' from which you'd then move the data into other tables in your solution. But that requires knowing how the data is structured in the Excel download and also how it is organized in your solution. (I'm sure some here are quite familiar with starting point, but others of us are not.)

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            I've just worked on importing data into FM Starting Point so I am somewhat familiar with it but as phil said I would need to see the format of the data that you are importing.


            One of the files I imported was an invoice table where each record contained both the header and detail information. I had to import the data to a separate table and then write a script to read each record and write the data to the invoice header table and the invoice detail table.

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              The file was imported as a CSV in an excel file. I tried out Phil's idea and it worked! Thank you, but one more thing. The way it's set up is that (I've included screenshots) is that the company in the contact's page should be linked to it so that 1.) You can get to the account that the contact is linked to; and 2.) You can get back to the contact from the accounts page. There is a way to do this manually by hitting that little magnifying glass to the right of the Company field in the contact's page. Obviously I don't have the time or patience to go through and manually link 10,000 contacts to their parent company. Is there a script that I could write to do that for me?