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    Adding a "\" character in a calculation


      Hello, everyone. I am trying to write a calculation which will result similar to: Publican_APP\Letter_out\12345_let(161910).103.pdf


      12345 is field1

      161910 is a date field (yymmdd)

      103 is field2


      The calculation goes as follow: "Publican_APP\Letter_out\"&Field1&"_let("&datefield&")."&field2&".pdf"


      The problem: Filemaker takes the "\" as some kind of comment starter or something  the calculation ask for a missing quote(") but if I place a quote \ does not show as text. For instance: "Publican_APP\" gets a warning asking for an missing quote. If the calculation goes "Publican_APP"\", the result is Publican_APP with no backslash (\).


      Can anyone guide me on how to make "\" another character within the calculation?


      Thank you