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    Copying button with script causes crash


      I am having a problem where copying a button with a script leaves the program hanging.  If I remove the script from the button, it copies without issue.  I am experiencing the issue consistently on multiple layouts, in multiple files on different servers,  on a PC and a MAC on both version 14 and 15 up through 15.0.2.


      Please let me know any additional information needed to help respond to this issue.

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          Thank you for your post.


          I am able to copy and paste a button that executes a script without any issues.  Do you have any plug-ins enabled?  Is this a specific button?  Or, is it any button?  Is it a specific script or any script?


          Any other information you can provide may be helpful in replicating the hang.



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            Thanks for the reply.

            The error happens with any layout with any button and any script but it is limited to a single database.   Im not sure if this is related, but I also experience crashes when copying script steps that include a perform script or perform script on server step.


            Yes, I do have plug ins installed and since this problem has developed recently, I thought it might be related to the plugin I recently installed, 360works plastic.  However, I tried disabling the plugin and even deleted it from my extensions folder and the problem still persists. 



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              If the problem is limited to just that one database -- do you have a backup copy of that database you can open up and test to see if the copy problem also exists in the backup -- preferably a copy before installing the plugin.

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                Yes, I have a local copy from before the plug in and the issue does not exist. But Im not sure if that means the problem is with the plug in or the server.


                For a bit of further clarification and update.  I decided to wait it out and rather than force quitting the application, waiting to see if it would eventually complete the paste.  After a about 5 minutes or so it did actually resume the looping of the status bar and did eventually complete.  Following that, I was able to paste without issue until quitting filemaker and restarting at which time the problem reoccurred.  Hosting company is going to restart server tonight and see if that makes  a difference. They think it might be a caching issue.    Hope that new info is helpful.

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                  After the hosting company restarts - let us know how it turned out.   Caching issue sounds reasonable.  Best of luck.