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Having trouble displaying only specific table rows

Question asked by tods on Oct 20, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2016 by edwardlscott

I'm having trouble understanding what I am doing wrong.  I am importing data into a PO solution and some of the data from the import set is incorrect.

It's such a problem that I need to see only PO's whose calculated totals don't match the imported totals.


I have the following fields in my PO database:

PONumber (calculation, result is number)

POTotal (calculation, result is number)

ImportedTotal (number)

(and other fields that aren't important to the question.)


I have created a table occurrence of PO called PO 2 and created a relationship between the two as follows:

PORelationshipPO 2
POTotal!= (not equal)ImportedTotal

What I was expecting when I created a Table View based on PO 2 was a list of only PO's where the calculations did not match.  Instead I got a list of every single PO.

Looking at my data I see I have alot of fields that do not match.  For instance, I have a PO that has a calculated total (POTotal) of 5635.19, but the value that was imported from our data (ImportedTotal) was 5334.35.  I only want those to show up and none of the PO's that match.   Even when I created a layout based on my PO table and insert a portal based on PO 2, It still shows every single PO.


Can anyone tell me what I am missing here?


Thank you,