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    Book Reviews


      Dear FileMaker community,


      I am pretty new to filemaker and i only used for now to create a personal database of my book collection, but i have no experience with coding or IT. i taught myself filemaker through guides and trial and error. i have nearly perfected my database, but what i really want is that with each record (book) a small area will show the amount of stars given to that book on goodreads, i thought about just screenshotting it for every book self handed, but that would not only take a long time to do , but the status will also never update.


      so my question is , is there a way to get it to show the current status of the goodreads stars for the book , just by adding a title/ author name so it will get the score from the site continue.


      like i said i would have no idea where to start


      thank you

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          Say you want your "stars" to be from 0 to 5 with no partial stars....


          Insert a graphic of a star onto your layout and make 5 copies of it. If you have a number field that represents the number of stars, you can select each star in turn and give it a Hide Object When expression:


          first star: Books::ReadabilityScore < 1

          second:  Books::ReadabilityScore < 2

          Third:     Books::ReadabilityScore < 3

          and so forth for each of your starts.


          Then the value in ReadabilityScore will control how many stars are visible for a given record.

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            Welcome to Filemaker.


            What you are actually wanting is to communicate with Good Reads. I would recommend looking at the GoodReads API.

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