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    FMS on Mac Server setup question.


      Can anyone provide confirmation that the following is possible or suggest how to achieve it:


      We currently run a 2 machine FMS 15 installation. We host two web sites, different domains, set up as virtual hosts in the single FMS instance of Apache. I am trying to move over to macOS 10.12 and am installing FMS from the current installer provided by FileMaker for macOS 10.12 Sierra. My current setup works as it is being coded and remains working as expected through restarts of Apache, but does not survive a reboot of the machine. The web sites go missing.


      With the changes in FMS allowing for web access ports to be selected for its Apache instance, I am guessing that I could possibly host my web pages on the macOS Server.app instance of Apache on the same worker machine. I am also guessing that as long as I select available alternate ports for the FMS instance of Apache that Web Direct will work with a browser directed to the FMS ports AND that my web site will still work with the WPE that is on the same machine and provide the expected results.


      So for example:

      on private IP with all public requests forwarded to the ports below on the single server


      macOS Server.app hosts two web sites, both on port 80 both using the FMS WPE



      FMS installed as a worker in two machine setup with its own installation of Apache for Web Direct and the ports below selected in setup.


           http - port 8080

           https - port 8081


      I am hoping that, assuming all ports are properly named and forwarded that public requests return

           Public request www.A.com - > gets www.A.com

           Public request www.B.com - > gets www.B.com

           Public request www.A.com:8080 - > gets https://www.A.com.8081 with FMS redirect to SSL Web Direct


      Any ideas?


      Thanks - Erich

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          I'm sure it is not the answer you are looking for: don't use MacOS Sierra.  It is way too new an OS for anything that just has to work.  If it ain't broken, don't fix it.

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            I appreciate that Wim thanks. Always good advice. Sometimes we just need someone else to remind us!


            Sierra aside and saying we stay on 10.11, do you have any idea if what I proposed can work with FMS 15 and Server.app? There was a lot of debate about this back a couple of years ago when we no longer had the option to use our own web server for Custom Web Publishing.


            I'm just looking at options that would be easier for me to deal with than what I am running now.