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Location for HTML files for web viewer in WebDirect on two server deployment

Question asked by duncanbaker on Oct 20, 2016
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Hey all


I have a WebDirect solution that pulls in html into a web viewer in various places. Due to IE restrictions, we hosted those html files on a website and pointed to those from within the webviewer. This worked fine.


But, I want to move these html files to the FMS HTTPServer folder so they are easier to manage and get served up quicker than being requested from another web server/site.


I've done this fine on my Mac FMS development server (single server installation). The HTML files went in Library>FileMaker Server>HTTPServer>htdocs. In the web viewer, it points to http://[ip address]/filename.html. Obviously there can be folders for organization within the htdocs folder.


I am now trying to move it to our production server running Windows 2012 and a two server deployment.

Let's call the Master machine

Let's call the worker/WebDirect machine

I've uploaded the files to:

C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\HTTPServer\conf

This has been done on the worker/WebDirect server.

If I point the web viewer at the web viewer does not render the page - it just says the page can't be displayed, make sure it is correct.


Before I start digging into firewalls and the like, can anyone confirm that the above should work within a two-server deployment? Hope I've provided enough detail, but let me know if not!


Many thanks