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Help viewing data from related tables in one layout

Question asked by sisterme on Oct 20, 2016
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Hi everybody!


This is my first time visiting this forum.


I'm using "antiquated" Filemaker 9 basically to generate receipts and some simple reports and scripts.  We import data from an online store.  When I built the database, I didn't know what I was doing and so the structure is not ideal, but it works for our simple needs.  I just lumped everything (contact info and order information) into one big table.  (Someday when I have time, I'm hoping to create a new structure and bring all the data back in, but not yet.) 



One table was ok at the beginning because we had one product of one kind.  However, now our product offerings have expanded, so I created a new table for a new kind of product with 40 offerings.  I adapted my customer order layout to include fields from both tables, then realized I couldn't import data into two tables via the one form.  So I duplicated the layout and set the copy to show records from the new table.


In summary, I have:

Table POs (the original master table)

Table Greeting Cards (new table)

Layout POs (original layout showing records from Table POs)

Layouts POs copy (new layout showing records from Table Greeting Cards)



Both tables have a Customer ID field and a unique Order ID field.  The tables are linked via these fields and the layouts have the fields corresponding to the appropriate table. 



I successfully imported data into the two Layouts, but I want all that information for the related records to show up in one view/layout. Can you help me? 



Sorry for the long message!




Sr. Miriam Esther